Burn stumps

Burn stumps is easy and safe with Stump Chimney™. With little preparation, a few tools and a maximum of 1 hour’s work, the stump is gone. The rest of the time, the Stump Chimney takes care of itself.

Stump Chimney burn tree stump what is needed

Burn stumps easily

The Stump Chimney™ is it both safe and easy to burn stumps. With a little preparation and few tools, you can get rid of stumps. It can be reused for many stumps to be removed in your garden.

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Assembly Stump Chimney smal

Easy to assemble and use

The Stump Chimney™ is a simple metal construction that is adapted to the appearance of the stumps and the way they are placed in the ground. It can be used on uneven ground as well as in cases where stumps are located near rocks. Even those with a little experience can use it.

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Stump Chimney tree stump removed

It’s easy to burn stumps using the Stump Chimney™

A Stump Chimney™ makes it easy to burn the stumps in your garden. When all is done, only a hole in the ground is left, you can fill it with soil and sow some grass seeds. An environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to stump grinders and chemicals.

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fire triangle

Why is it difficult to burn stumps

It can be explained by the fire triangle. For something to burn, it needs fuel (the stump), oxygen (which is plentiful) and heat. What is missing to burn down a stump is the heat. When the stump, which is usually a little damp, starts to burn, not enough heat is generated to keep it burning and it goes out.  When you put wood on top of the stump, no heat is generated that goes down into the stump, but the heat rises upwards and cold air is sucked in towards the stump.

The Stump Chimney™ solves this problem

The Stump Chimney™ consists of a number of sheet metal sides that are joined together to form a chimney around a stump. The space between the stump and the Stump Chimney™ is filled with briquettes and when the briquettes burn, so much heat is generated that the stump starts to burn. At the bottom of each side there are air holes where the oxygen enters. Inside the chimney, above the air holes, there are folding plates that direct heated air towards the stump to increase the heat around the stump.

With the Stump Chimney™, the stumps disappear completely and only ash remains.

Stump Chimney™ is patented and manufactured in Sweden.

Stump Chimney burning a tree stump near a stone wall

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Customer references

Per-Erik in Uppsala Sweden

I removed a stump from a rather coarse juniper bush that I removed last year. 20-25 cm at the top and about 35 at the bottom. I had dug up 30-40 cm deep around the stump and cut a couple of side roots already last year but then I stopped. The burning worked really well except at the bottom, but it is quite deep down, so it is not a problem.

Paul in Solna Sweden

I recently bought two of your Stump Chimneys but only needed one. I was very satisfied with it.

Adam in Karlshamn Sweden

It works great on my two stumps. Wish I had dug a little deeper on one to remove some more but still removed enough. I am really pleased.

Per-Erik in Uppsala Sweden

Now I’ve burned 5 stumps off my lawn and it’s worked really well.